Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Runners World Festival and Half- Meeting My second Family Part 2

     Sunday morning was a freakishly windy and cold morning for the half marathon. We lined up for a group photo and rush to the start line which was a short distance away. Laurie and Patricia, two super bad ass women, where with me at the start line and going to accompany me to a PR.  I was super excited to have them alongside me during this journey. This was my whole goal of Runner's World festival.  I was extremely nervous, but they help to relax me.

     We were at the starting line and then the countdown begin where they started the race for us. We were off and down the street. Laurie helped reel in my pace as I often Jackrabbit from the start lines. We kept a great pace and worked our way through the city. I continue to produced my bad habit of checking my watch and comparing it to my pace band I received at the expo.  Laurie finally had to threaten to remove my watch so they didn't over stress about it. I quickly realize this was going to be a very tough half marathon.

      I beasted my way up every hill that popped up in front of me and Laurie had me blasting down the hills on the opposite side. Her voice help keep me calm and prevented me from overdoing it, while still pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I was happy to see some of my friends along the way. By the halfway point I knew that I was heading towards a PR. I just had to keep pushing myself.

     Mile 11 seemed to come fairly quickly. I started my climb up another hill when my right calve locked up.  The pain shot through my leg and it felt as though someone had stabbed me. I could not move.  I had to stop for a minute and stretch and massage it out. Laurie gave me a good pep talk and persuaded me to keep pushing. I began my painful steps down the next hill when David Willey came up from behind me and Laurie. Laurie introduced me to him and told him what I set out to do.  He checked his watch and looked at me and said I could easily do it and he said, "let's go".  David Willey left us behind, but Laurie and I raced towards the finish.

     I put out all of the effort I had left in the tank to get across that finish line. The closer I got to the finish line caused me to tear up. My emotions overflowed as I crossed that finish line.  I saw myself in a completely different light this day. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride. I felt that I had won a huge battle.  I remembered that at one point I was told I would never run again, but I just did 13.1 freaking miles on a hilly course. I found Allison and we both hugged and cried for a few moments. She was proud of me as much as I was. It's not very often that I can have the self confidence to feel pride in myself, but I did that day. Laurie helped bring out my inner strength so that I could drown out my demons and accomplish the goal that I had set out to do. Thank you so much Laurie. She encompasses what the Sub 30 club is all about. We are a family and we are here to support each other no matter what our goals are. 
The privilege and honor was all mine to get to run alongside these two badass ladies. 
Shane and Monica
A smile......I didn't know what was still to come. 
Christine getting to feel what cold really is. 
Before the half. 
Back of the pack party. 
Lynn bringing in the party. 
My hair dresser Dara. 
And the girls love her hair style too. 
Stella and Larry photobomb. 
Group photo before the 5K. 
2 races in 2 days. 

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