Monday, November 3, 2014

New Year, New Goals- Part 2

     Hello friends.  Long time no see.  I have soooo much to write about, but not enough time to do it.  I need to write more often and empty my head.  Well since my last post I had run my first half marathon, the Ocean City Island 2 Island Half.  It was awesome to get the feeling and nervous jitters of a big race.  I did post a race report on Facebook, however I lost it.  It was a great race that started on Assateague Island and ran all the way to the Ocean City Inlet.  I finished with my right calf locking up on me in 2:19:45.  I felt great up until about mile 10.  Then after the race I was super dizzy and nauseous.  I basically stuffed my face at a pizza joint on the way out of town.  Man did I ever need that.  My pride was not only in running 13.1 miles, but overcoming the obstacles of having a serious leg injury.  Running through pain and discomfort.  But I also take great pride in passing my running passion on to my 9 year old daughter, Stella.  She ran the 5K that day and took first in the 10 and under category, with a 28:27.  She ranked 148th out of 750 total people, and 53rd out of 488 women.  I couldn't have been any more proud of her.  And she ran it ALONE.  My wife was freaked out of course, but enough of my friends had talked her into allowing it.  Plus I gave Stella my phone so my wife could follow her on Map My Run.

      In August I ran my 2nd Half Marathon with one of the local running clubs, The Pemberton Running Club.  It's a small half with no frills and thrills.  Just things donated by members from bibs, to medals, to food, water, bananas, and GU.  They are an awesome group of people and extremely generous for hosting this.  there were a total of about 15 people running it.  I was lucky enough to have my running buddy, and great friend, Michelle run it with me.  It was a nice course and I got a little hot, but still managed a PR of 2:16.  Michelle pushed me when things got tough.  She always helps me to push myself on our runs.  Running with others forces me to not get lazy.  I read somewhere this week the perfect explanation of this, taking off the training wheels.  I push beyond my comfort zone.

     I want to use this post to thank you Michelle for helping keep me outside my comfort zone and for being a friend.  You are such a great friend and I truly enjoy our morning runs.  It helps me kick the day off right.



  1. So great to have such a good running friend! I do most of my runs now with people I just love and they too, push me to be a better runner and sometimes even a better person. Great job on your races!

  2. It's so nice to see you kicking serious butt at your races! Keep up the great work!